Is 140K a good salary in the uk

Is 140k A Good Salary In The UK? (How Much Tax)

Ever wondered if you would be living comfortably with a salary figure of 140k in the UK? Well, let’s dive into that question together and make sense of what that number really means in the country’s financial landscape.

In understanding how “good” a salary is, we need to consider various factors such as cost of living, location, and lifestyle choices. By examining these factors closely, you’ll be well equipped to gauge if 140k might be your magic number in the UK.


Whether or not a salary is ‘good’ is subjective and depends on your personal circumstances and goals. Nevertheless, understanding average salaries and cost of living can provide a useful benchmark.


In this article, we will:

  • Analyse the average income in the UK
  • Compare these figures to the cost of living
  • Discuss how location can impact your financial comfort
  • Examine various lifestyle factors that will influence your disposable income.

So buckle up, and get ready to explore if a 140k salary in the UK would check all your boxes.


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Is 35k a year a good salary in the UK

Is 35k a Year a Good Salary In The UK? (2024 Edition)

Hey there, folks… Ever found yourself chin-strokingly pondering whether £35,000 is a good salary in the UK? Yeah, me too! It’s a question as British as a steaming cup of tea on a foggy morning. Well, you’re in luck because that’s just what we’re diving into today.


To define whether a salary is ‘good’ or not, one must consider factors like location, lifestyle, and personal commitments. After all, ‘good’ is a fair bit subjective, wouldn’t you agree?


While I can’t promise you an answer as precise as the Queen’s English, I am going to do my darn best to untangle this web. So, grab your favourite cuppa and let’s embark on this budgetary journey together…

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Is £30 a good salary in the UK?

Is £30k a Good Salary in the UK? Unraveling the Truth

As you search for your own slice of financial peace, you may find yourself mulling over the magic number – “How much salary is considered good?” Does a tidy sum of £30k per year tick the right boxes in the UK? It’s not uncommon to ponder this question, and in this article, we aim to shed some light on it for you. We’ll be taking a deep dive into living costs, tax rates, lifestyle preferences, and comparison of incomes across the UK to help guide you in your journey.


What does a good salary look like? Can £30k annually lead you to a comfortable life in the UK? Join us we untangle these financial conundrums.


Carving out a comfortable lifestyle is heavily tied to income – it’s the key that unlocks many doors, including the door to security, stability, and opportunities. A salary of £30k a year may sound reasonable – but what does it truly mean in terms of affordability and living standards in the UK? Keep reading and let’s crunch some numbers.

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What is a Good Salary in London

What Is A Good Salary in London?

If you’re contemplating a move to the vibrant city of London, undoubtedly, one of the first questions springing to your mind is, “What is a good salary in London?” You’re certainly not alone. Whether you’re planning to rent a hip loft in Shoreditch, savour the quiet tranquility of Hampstead Heath, or dive into the multicultural melting pot of Brixton, understanding what constitutes an acceptable income in the capital of the United-Kingdom is absolutely critical.


Just like the city itself with its diverse neighbourhoods and vibrant lifestyle, salaries in London can differ dramatically. Figuring out the average requires taking into account a range of variables, from the industry you’re working in, your experience level, to the specific location within London.


Through this article, we’re here to enlighten you on the many facets influencing wages in London, provide benchmarks for different professions, and arm you with the tools necessary to make an informed decision about your financial future in this exciting metropolis.

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How to Stop Emergency Tax in UK - BIGPriceDrops

How to Stop Emergency Tax – UK

You’ve seen it on your payslip, and it’s probably made you scratch your head a few times –  ‘Emergency Tax’. But what exactly does it mean and importantly, how can you get off it? Don’t panic, as we’re here to decipher this financial jargon and guide you through the seemingly complicated process of escaping the emergency tax net.

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Best Personal Finance YouTube Channels - BIGPriceDrops

Best Personal Finance YouTube Channels (In the UK)

Navigating the scope of personal finance can be a challenge; from saving money to investing wisely, managing your resources is both an essential skill and a daunting task.

Luckily for you, there is a wealth of information available online to help you make sense of it all. Among the best sources of this knowledge are a variety of dedicated YouTube channels that focus specifically on personal finance in the UK. These influencers share a wealth of wisdom- from practical savings tips to insightful investment advice.


The best way to take control of your finances is to do a budget. It will take a little effort, but it’s a great way to get a quick snapshot of the money you have coming in and going out.Money Advice Service


Well, as we venture further into 2024, it’s time to present our top 10 UK personal finance vloggers, the folks who can make personal finance both understandable and enjoyable. Are you ready to kick start your journey to financial empowerment? Dive into our list and discover the YouTuber who resonates with your financial goals and personal style.

Over 80% of UK adults use YouTube, making it a popular platform for financial education.

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What is Bitcoin - BIGPriceDrops

What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin? This revolutionary digital currency that has gained significant attention and popularity in recent years. Created in 2009 by an unknown person or group of people under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin operates on a decentralised network called blockchain.

In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of Bitcoin, its features, benefits, and how it has the potential to revolutionise the world of finance.

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Is £80K a Good Salary in UK - BIGPriceDrops

Is 80K A Good Salary in the UK?

Often, folks ask me… is 80K a good salary in the UK? Well… let me tell you, defining a ‘good’ salary is like trying to pick out a perfect pint in a brewery. Everybody’s taste differs and what’s enough for one isn’t necessarily quite right for the other. It all boils down to one’s lifestyle, expenses, expectations, and, of course… how much you’re planning to set aside every month for that turn-the-world-upside-down vacation to Bora Bora (I highly recommend it by the way).

Let’s dive in and take a bite out of this big ol’ financial pickle…


To start with, according to the UK’s Office of National Statistics, the median (let’s learn to love the word ‘median’, it’s nicer than ‘average’ really)… the median gross annual wage is around £30,420, if we’re talkin’ full time employees.


The UK’s average full-time salary, which is roughly £38,600, according to the Office for National Statistics. Remember, friends… this puts you in the top 5% of income earners in the UK, which… well, I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel a bit like royalty… budget royalty, of course!

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Millennial Strategies for the UK's Cost of Living Crisis - BIGPriceDrops

Surviving the Squeeze: Millennial Strategies for the UK’s Cost of Living Crisis

Once upon a time, not too long ago, Alex, a millennial in the UK, found himself struggling to make ends meet. The cost of his rent had risen, his weekly groceries seemed to shrink while their prices ballooned, and the digits on his energy bill looked more like a high score on his old video game console.

It was the UK cost of living crisis, not a fairy tale, impacting real lives across the nation. But this story is not unique to Alex; it’s the narrative of an entire generation striving to navigate through this economic thicket.

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Is Earning £100K a Good Salary in the UK

Is Earning £100K a Good Salary in the UK? Decoding the Truth

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about what life would be like if you were making a £100k salary?

It’s certainly an intriguing thought. But how far would that handsome sum really take you in the UK? Would it secure you a comfortable life? Or is it just a dream out of reach for most people?

In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of a £100k annual income: how it compares to the average UK salary, what lifestyle it could afford, and whether it can indeed be deemed as ‘a good salary’ in the UK context.

To do that, we’ve broken down the discussion into key areas, including the cost of living in various UK regions, taxation implications, and a comparative look on average salaries for popular careers.

Are you ready to dig a little deeper? Let’s drive right on in!

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